Only In Pura Vida, “Chuzos” Donated By U.S. Embassy Fail Riteve!

From the “that can’t be but true” department in the land of Pura Vida, the three “chuzos” donated by the United States to fight crime in Costa Rica hit a roadblock, the Riteve inspection.
In a report by La Teja, the three specialized vehicles for use by Costa Rica’s police forces did not pass the vehicular inspection. The news was confirmed by Jennifer Hidalgo, Riteve press officer.
Photo: Courtesy Riteve
“At Riteve we took to inspecting these vehicles, which, like all (vehicles) to comply with the technical vehicle inspection requirements,” said Hidalgo, who was light on the details of the result of the inspection, given that “by law we can only provide that information to the owners of the vehicles”.
Although the official test results were not available, La

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