Olympics: Rio chief pledges to 'fix' water pollution

By Jill Replogle

LONDON, U.K. — The president of the organizing committee for next year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro vowed on Tuesday to address concerns about water pollution at a sailing venue.

Two competitors had to be hospitalized following a recent test regatta at Rio’s picturesque Guanabara Bay, while other events have been disrupted by floating debris such as rubbish and dead animals.

Sailing’s governing body, the International Sailing Federation, has expressed concerns about water quality at the site, but Carlos Nuzman said he would take steps to address the matter.

“The water quality is one of the points of attention,” Nuzman told journalists during a press briefing in central London. “I assure you that the health and well-being of the athletes is our priority.”

He added: “Other Olympic cities had problems with their water and fixed them before the Olympics, and Rio will do the same. This is a serious matter and we’ll do our best to protect people’s health.

“A cleaner Guanabara will be one of the main legacies of the games. I have no doubts that we will do the sailing competition in Guanabara.”

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Via:: Tico Times