Offensive Against a Giant. Group Trying To Stop Walmart

In Costa Rica, a group of cooperatives, associations, and companies are evaluating presenting a purchase offer for the supermarket chain Gessa, in order to try to stop Walmart from making the acquisition.
At least 10 organizations are allied to make purchase offer to Gessa and thus stop the plans of Walmart announced that a group, led by the Cámara Nacional de Economía Social Solidaria (Canaes) – National Chamber of Social Solidarity Economy –  is working on a proposal to present to the owners of Grupo Empresarial de Supermercados (Gessa).
At the end of last month, Walmart announced that it had filed with the Comisión para la Promoción de la Competencia (Coprocom) del Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio (MEIC) – Commission for the Promotion of Competition of

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  1. Take this from one who knows war. The decision by the Communist Chinese to take Central America was made in the 1960’s. We stopped them militarily, s now they’re doing it economically. Remember in the past when CR signed a free trade agreement with the Chinese, held CHINESE TRADE FAIRS in San Jose & our President laid the first brick in Chinatown. Then the first boatload of dented rusty canned food came from China & was rejected at the port. I’m glad someone is trying to stop this, & hope Ticos understand the true jeopardy they pose to Costa Rica.

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