October 12, 1987: Oscar Arias Peace-Broker in Central America

1987 – Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Sanchez (1986 – 1990 and 2006 – 2010) received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his efforts to end the Central American crisis.
Arias, the youngest-ever president (45 when he took office on 8 May 1986), was a surprise winner and had not been on the prize committee’s shortlist. Since taking office in 1986 as Costa Rica’s 47th president, Arias has assumed the role of peacemaker in Central America.
Arias was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, with the help of John Biehl, his peer in England, and Rodrigo Madrigal Nieto for his work towards the signing of the Esquipulas II Accords.
This was a plan intended to promote democracy and peace on the Central American isthmus during a time of

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