Obama takes climate drive to Alaska, says world must speed up the fight

By David Boddiger

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – U.S. President Barack Obama warned Monday that climate change is no longer a problem of the future, but rather a challenge for now and one that will define the next century.

Describing the “urgent and growing” threat that was not being addressed quick enough, Obama sketched the problems already facing people living in one of the United States’ last wilderness frontiers.

The challenge “will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other,” he told a conference in Anchorage, before a scheduled visit to a glacier.

“Human activity is disrupting the climate, in many ways faster than we thought,” he said, with one eye on Republicans who reject humans’ role in heating the planet.

“The deniers are increasingly alone, on their own shrinking island. …

“The science is stark, it is sharpening, and it proves that this once-distant threat is now very much in the present,” the president said.

Obama also stressed that climate change “is happening here. It is happening now.”

He listed a thawing permafrost; warmer, more acidic oceans and rivers; species migration; shoreline erosion and longer bush fire seasons among a litany of problems.

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Via:: Tico Times