Not Many Costa Rica Motorcycle Riders Have a License

Costa Rica News – Almost a third of Costa Rican households have a motorcycle.
There are 310,000 motorcyclists circulating the streets of the country. 53% of the motorcyclists ride without the type A license to do so.
These results come to us from the 2016 News Survey, conducted by the School of Statistics at the University of Costa Rica.
They found that 18.7% of the population uses a motorcycle and over half of them admitted not having a license.
The study was done from 1,059 face-to-face interviews with Costa Ricans over age 18. 29.6% of Costa Rican households have at least one motorcycle. The majority are from rural areas (44.3%) and almost a third (31.8%) comes from a low socioeconomic level.
The law allows drivers to use motorcycles on secondary roads

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