No, There Was No Eartquake. No Emergency. It Was All A Simulation.

By Rico


Parque de las Garantías Sociales

QCOSTARICA – “I came for some (medical) tests and I’m sitting here, waiting for the start of the simulation,” Doña Eugenia Bremes, 76 years old, a resident of Los Guido (Desamparados) and who haS never before seen a drill of the like, told the television cameras.

Woman faking a medical emergency.

“I came in to this bank (the Banco de Costa Rica central branch) and at 10 sharp the drill began”, said Doña Eugenia.

For authorities all went smoothly. The simulation of a 6.0 earthquake striking downtown San Jose and the evacuation of a number of downtown buildings was a total success. People moved out of buildings calmly, past the dangers like a smoke and people (acting) to be injured or suffering a medical problem, as if nothing was happening.

For people like Doña Eugenia, the calmness meant that “simulations” don’t work, it was expected, there was no element of surprise. “In a serious earthquake people do not act as relaxed,” said a man who did not identify himself.

In the case of the BCR bank, the entire building was evacuated in less six minutes and fifteen seconds, a very acceptable time according to authorities.

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