“No Hay Pan Para Tanto Chorizo”

QCOSTARICA  – A photo that captures the mood of many in Costa Rica today.

“No Hay Pan Para Tanto Chorizo”
Transalation: Not enough bread for so much corruption.

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  1. Is this Latino culture or a Costa Rican fantasy? A decade ago a Priest wanted to “talk to me” before I got married. I waited all morning for His Highness to show up at his office for an 8AM appointment that he had made-and-requested. During the hours I sat on the curb, I read over-and-over the sign on his office that read: WE DO NOT HELP THE POOR, SO DON’T ASK US. In the countries where I have lived, churches and Government exist to help the people. In Costa Rica, the people exist to help Government & churches. As the world competes for tourists, Costa Rica strives to drive them away by raising prices—& now even refusing to refuel flights. The very people who make thrice what they would in the private sector are in the streets demanding more money while receiving full pay for not working. Why does Costa Rica insist on spitting into the wind?

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