Nicaragua pleads with US to call off Texas execution

By David Boddiger

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Nicaraguan officials and activists called on the United States Monday to cancel the execution in Texas later this week of Bernardo Tercero, the only Nicaraguan national on death row in the U.S.

Tercero is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection Wednesday for killing high school English teacher Robert Berger while robbing a Houston dry cleaning business in 1997.

The impending execution has sparked protests in Nicaragua, which abolished capital punishment in 1979, when the leftist Sandinista rebels came to power.

“For us here in Nicaragua, where we don’t have the death penalty and embrace a spirit of humanitarianism and solidarity, it seems pathetic to be on the verge of a Nicaraguan citizen’s execution,” said the country’s ambassador to the Organization of American States, Denis Moncada.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has been pleading for clemency for Tercero with U.S. officials “at the highest level,” including President Barack Obama, Moncada told Channel Two news.

Activists have called a demonstration later in the day to demand Tercero be spared.

“Please sign and RT my petition urging Gov Abbot to stay the execution of Bernardo Aban Tercero scheduled for 26Aug

— Bianca Jagger (@BiancaJagger) August 20, 2015

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Via:: Tico Times