New Ride App Rep: “Taxi Drivers Should Support Modernization”

While Rubén Vargas, representative of the Unión de Taxistas Costarricense (UTC) – Union of Costa Rican taxi drivers  – assures that the arrival of new applications similar to Uber would provoke “violence in the streets”, César López, representative of the new transport platform Beego, said that taxi drivers should try to live with the new platforms instead of fighting against them.
César López, representative of Beego Latin America
“Rubén and all taxi drivers should support the transportation modernization bill that also benefits them,” he said.
In his opinion, Lopez says taxi drivers could request that the new ‘app’ companies pay an operating fee, that their vehicles have more revisions in RTV and that they also pay a tax.
“It’s not about some staying inside and others outside, but leveling the

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