Nature Air GROUNDED!

The Dirección General de Aviación Civil (DGAC) – Civil Aviation- grounded Nature Air, ordering a suspension of all flights and other activities of the airline.
The director of Aviacion Civil, Enio Cubillo, confirmed the suspension Friday afternoon, saying the notice was sent on Thursday to Nelson Vega, general manager of the airline.
Cubillo said the measure was taken due to the resignation of operations manager, Jorge Valverde Esquivel, the disability leave of the air security chief, Rodney Duran and the death of the head of pilot training, Juan Manuel Retana, who was the pilot flying the December 31 crashed plane.
Cubillo added that Valverde resigned on January 9 and communicated the same day to Civil Aviation. In his resignation letter, Valverde exposes a series of alleged anomalies in

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