My country for an app

By Katherine Stanley

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Politic(o)s is back. After a short period of absence, the column has returned to analyze some of the recent political events in Costa Rica and abroad – and there is a lot to talk about this week!

“A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse,” cries out King Richard III while lying on the battlefield in Shakespeare’s homonymous play. In desperation, King Richard gives up exactly what he was fighting for. The events surrounding the launch of Uber in Costa Rica are worthy of a Shakespearean plot: a tragedy more than a comedy, to be precise. From the response of the government to the comments of citizens in Facebook, along with the attitudes of politicians trying to capitalize on the controversy to gain support, the episode has evinced some of the worst attitudes of Costa Ricans and some of the worst practices that have turned Costa Rican politics into a war where everyone is a loser.

Let’s start with Uber. The company is an expert fighter with current open fronts in London, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, and other countries. Uber is known for “asking for forgiveness rather … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times