Mr. President, May I Invite You For A Beer?

By Rico

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – Mr. President, as a Canadian Lawyer, Naturalized as a Costa Rican, and practicing law in Costa Rica for thirteen of the past seventeen years that I have resided in Costa Rica, I believe that I have a very good background to comment on the current economic crisis facing Costa Rica, both from a legal and a political perspective.

Indeed, I have written some previous blogs for this website, which address these issues and I have offered solutions to these economic problems. The problem, as I view the short and long-term solutions to these problems, is that there are no policies or solutions being presented by your Government, which will in-fact correct the looming economic crisis and avoid undue hardship to ordinary Costa Ricans in general.

Mr. President, I do not question your personal honesty, or integrity, nor of your wanting to find a solution to these current economic problems that face the Nation. However, possibly due to your … continue reading