Move Aside Castro, Cubans Want Capitalism

Sixty years after the communist revolution it is obvious that Cubans do not abhor, but desire a more capitalist and free society. (Interbusca)

TODAY CUBA (By Maximilian Wirth0 Cuba is sometimes idealized as a successful alternative to capitalism. This month, however, the University of Chicago’s NORC released a study about the opinions of Cuba’s population. The findings of the poll were clear: Cubans want capitalism.
This kind of information was not previously available because the Cuban government repressed information in and out of the island. As such, the study based on in-person interviews with 840 randomly chosen adults gives a rare glimpse into the sentiments of Cubans about the system they live in.
65 percent of interviewees said they want to privatize more businesses and decentralize the economy. 68 percent

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