Mounted Police Modernizes Plan To Deal With Crime

By Rico


Patrolling the Parque Metropolitana La Sabana.

QCOSTARICA – The Policia Montada (Mounted Police), until now limited to caring for parks and participation in Topes (horse parades) and mass events, will be patrolling cities, beaches and areas of difficult terrain, as part of a modernization of the police unit.

Six months ago, mounted police have appeared in the heart of cities like Liberia, Guanacaste and occasionally to protecting tourists on Guanacaste beaches.

Luis Hernandez Gonzalez, is the new  chief of the Policia Montada and his strategy is make more use of man and beast, especially in places with hard access for vehicles and where foot patrols would take hours.

In areas like the indigenous reserve of Saltire in Buenos Aires de Puntarenas, an area consisting of 12,700 acres, the Policia Montada has been effective to avoid clashes over land between the indigenous and farmers.

“There, the horse is essential because of a lot of land and it would take hours for foot patrols to cover it,” said Hernedez.

Another success story for the Policia Montada is the tracking and search for evidence in the murder of a family in Santa Maria de Dota last May. The work of the Policia Montada was in conjunction if with … continue reading