Most Forest Fires Are in Guanacaste

Photo by Luciano Capelli
Q COSTA RICA ( by Roberto Acuña Ávalos, If you’ve seen a burning field or mountainside in the summertime, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, it’s an everyday occurrence in Guanacaste, the province with the most forest fires in the country.
Of the 10 Costa Rican cantons with the most forest fires, six are located in Guanacaste, according to the System of Conservation Areas’ (SINAC-MINAE) National Fire Management Program.
Statistics from 2016 show that Santa Cruz is the canton with the most emergency fire calls in all of Costa Rica. Last year, 20 percent of the country’s total burned land area was located in Santa Cruz, about 11,755 hectares. That’s the area equivalent of 16,000 National Stadiums.
Of 114 total forest fires across the

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