Morning Traffic In San Jose

Daily, thousands of drivers face a failed road infrastructure, spending hours to get to and from work.
The following is an example of what morning rush hours looks like in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM). All images and links posted on Twitter this wet and cloudy Tuesday morning, November 14.

Paso lento en circunvalación oeste, sector de Hatillo 4
— Ruta Alterna (@rutaalterna) November 14, 2017
— Ruta Alterna (@rutaalterna) November 14, 2017

Fila de 11 buses en Ruta Nacional 209 Desamparados – Rotonda Parque de La Paz @waze @TicoTrafico @traficocr @Traffic506
— Mario Campos Vega (@mariocatato) November 14, 2017

Todos los días entrando a barrio México #traficocr (via @x0f0x)
— Trafico Costa Rica (@traficocr) November 14, 2017

Como quien dice no hay presa solo 1 km …. #TraficoCR (via

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