More & More Costa Ricans Getting Approved for Visas to the USA

Costa Rica News – A couple that has never before traveled showed that it is possible to get a visa to go to the US. Back in 2009, only 84% of applications received by Ticos were approved but it’s now up to 93.51%.
Felix Villalobos Rodríguez and his wife Maricruz Carballo Delgado were able to get the visas to visit their daughter Kimberly in Massachusetts, United States.
She is studying Mathematics and Computer Science at MIT.
Her parents plan to visit again in 2019 for her graduation. They were nervous about applying for the visa but found it to be an efficient and safe process.
They did the applications personally while others pay around $40 for an agency to help them fill the applications out.
About 500 Costa Ricans apply for

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