More “Gifts” From China to Costa Rica

By Isabella Foster Villanueva

china costa rica

Costa Rica News – How many of us actually think that these “gifts” from China have no strings attached? 

Two aircraft, valued at 18 million dollars have been donated to the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Security by the government of China. Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez confirmed this and reported that the planes would arrive within a year.

The planes will be used for conducting aerial observation, distributing humanitarian aid, and transporting police.

They are currently being constructed but will be capable of transporting up to 16 people.

Gonzalez clearly stated that the plane is not designed for the personal use of the President. Unlike other government seized ships and planes, the use of these aircrafts will strictly be necessary business.

The Chinese government donated 24 million dollars to Costa Rica to be used for the execution of several projects including a water supply in Guanacaste and the construction of a system of high-opportunity schools.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times


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