Moon Wind Prayers

AuraI will grow like a flameThough my body will fadeLike wood rottingMy bones like stonesPlanted in a garden Of the SouthMy lips will speakThe prayers of angelsLights and visions ofA celestial showAnd I will glowRelit in the sparks of Embers falling from my mouthMoon Wind Prayers Imagine the energy from inside of you manifesting outside of yourself as well. These charged pieces of us circulate all around, involving us and others. This is the aura. It can harden like a shell, break and also shatter as you grow a new one, much like a spider shedding it’s exoskeleton. The word “aura” in Latin and ancient Greek means wind, breeze or breath.

Some may find that they feel heavy in some areas of their body. Not like an internal pressure

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