Model Adriana Corella, who was imprisoned in Nicaragua continues to conquer the eye of the Costa Rican photographers

Following the year and four months in a Nicaragua prison, convicted of money laundering and organized crime, Costa Rican model Adriana Corella knew how to reinvent herself and continues to conquer the catwalks and the eye of national photographers.

Corella remains in force making burning photo shoots.
Constantly the brunette is doing photo sessions, where she leaves very little to the imagination and keeps her official Instagram account active.

Fotografía: @juankcrmora
A post shared by ADRIANA CORELLA OFFICIAL (@adriana.corella.official) on Aug 29, 2018 at 2:33pm PDT


El mejor lente: @juankcrmora “Nunca estuvo tan bella como en aquella época. Tenía esa indefinible belleza derivada de la alegría, del entusiasmo, del éxito, y que no es otra cosa, a fin de cuentas, que la resultante de esa feliz armonía entre

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Adriana Corella