Mexico’s Presidential Front-Runner Proposes Giving Amnesty To Drug Lords

In a bid for presidency, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a leading candidate, has promised to put an end to the drug war in Mexico if he is elected.
Mexico’s drug war has cost 200,000 lives over the last decade.
Obrador announced a willingness to open a dialogue with the cartel drug lords, proposing to grant amnesty to them with the aim to restore peace in the country. Given the atrocities committed by the cartels, his announcement was not met with approval, stirring outrage among the population.
People condemned him for being “insensitive”,  furious with his idea of achieving peace by offering narcos a “hall pass”, even accusing him of earning the votes of the cartel members.
This year, Mexico may have one of the bloodiest since 2011. October 2017

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