Marino Protti: “Nicoya is a worldwide tectonic attraction”

Marino Protti
(Q COSTA RICA) by María Fernanda Cruz, – In April of 1997, the Nicoya Peninsula became one of the most important places in the world to study plate subduction. That year, the Costa Rican seismologist Marino Protti attended a forum in Hawaii where participants defined places around the world that showed the best characteristics. The Nicoya Peninsula ended up in first place.
In this extract, the seismologist explains how research in the peninsula has come along, why it’s so important for the rest of the planet, and what his interest is in revealing the science without caring if there are politicians or business owners against him.
Five years after the Sámara earthquake, you continue to study the Nicoya Peninsula. Why?
The Nicoya Peninsula is a laboratory.

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