Manuel Zumbado Exhibits His Art in Costa Rica

By Hazel Diaz

Manuel Zumbado 1

Costa Rica Entertainment – Art of any kind can invoke feelings instantaneously.

Art lovers should not miss Manuel Zumbado’s exhibition of portraits, which will be open now through the 25th from 8am-5pm at UCR.

This artist is a national sensation. He dominates his trade so well that no one else can do what he does. The faces he draws hide behind conflicting emotions. They are elusive, yet all-telling at once.

The images leave you wanting to know the person in the drawing. There are questions to have answered, feelings to explore. Some are based on the novel, The Trial, by Franz Kafka, while others are based on real people.

The works transmit shock, distress, fury, themes of life and death and the in between.

The shades are impressive, as are the textures. Thick lines are blotted and dragged with the artist’s fingertips, leaving a lasting impression and interpretation.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times