Malaga City Project to Get Under Way in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Infinito Versol, an issuer that joined the stock market last year, has obtained the permit to build 1,593 houses.
To get the permits, it had to cancel more than ¢ 371.7 million to the Municipality of Alajuelita.
It is paid up to date to start construction. It will be financed through a trust fund. Infinito Versol is one of the two private issuers that are doing the paperwork to place debt in the Costa Rican stock market.
Sugeval authorized a $42 million bond issue back in November to finance this Malaga City project.
The residences will be located in La Aurora de Alajuelita. The Onix Model in the residential Malaga City, Alajuelita will be 42 square meters of construction and come at a price of $70,000.

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