Maikol Yordan Takes New York!

By Rico

Maikol Yordan (Mario Chacon) hamming it up in New York City

Maikol Yordan (Mario Chacon) hamming it up in New York City. Photo Luis Sanabria, La Nacion

QCOSTARICA – Maikol Yordan (Mario Chacón) has made it all the way to New York, in the first screening of the “Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido” film outside of Costa Rica.

Last week some 750 Costa Ricans living in New York and New Jersey were among the first to see the motion picture made in Ticolandia. Some having 20 or 30 years of not going to Costa Rica got to see some of home on the big screen.

In New Jersey, the screening took place in the bar and restaurante Imperial, a popular meeting place for Ticos in the city. In New York, the screening as in the Anthology Film Archives, a theatre with a capacity for 100, located in New York’s East Village district.

All the screenings were packed.

More screenings will take place this weekend at various theatres.

Next month, in early September Maikol Yordan taking Honduras and El Salvador, and later in the month Guatemala.

In Costa Rica the film opened last December, running many weeks past the expected short run.

“Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido” is a Costa Rican comedy film produced by the quartet of comedians … continue reading