Let Canadians Vote! Constitutional challenge failed.

By Rico


TICOBULL – This is for Canadians only living in Costa Rica (and anywhere but Canada). Your help is needed to raise funds to launch an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to secure voting rights.

In 1993, Canadians living abroad more than 5 years, had their right to vote withdrawn. For a while, Canadians were able to reset the 5-year clock by returning to Canada on vacation. That policy changed in 2011, effectively disenfranchising 1.4 million Canadians around the world.

A lawsuit was filed in Ontario Superior Court 2012 by two Canadians living and working in the USA, resulting in a 2014 decision that the policy of restriction was unconstitutional – oh, we were so happy to get the vote back! Then, the federal government appealed and the decision was overturned on July 20 this year, creating a backlash amongst expats around the world.

Up to now, a Toronto law firm has been working pro-bono but it is an expensive and lengthy proposition to take the appeal to the next step, the Supreme Court of Canada. Thus, a GoFundMe campaign was launched this week at www.gofundme.com/ourrighttovote.

The attached Press Release announces the campaign and more background is found at www.letcanadiansvote.com.

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