Learning About Painter Francisco Goya in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – May is being dedicated to learning about the life and work of Goya, who is recognized as one of the important precursors of modern art.
The Spanish painter Francisco Goya lived from 1746-1828.
The North American Cultural Center will offer a course on his life to accompany the film that is part of their visual arts program Exhibition on Screen. It starts Friday, May 5th, at the Center’s Sabana site.
The course is to be taught by the art historian Flor Gallardo over four sessions. They are on Fridays from 9:30-11:30.
The cost of the lessons is ¢45,000. To register you can call 2207-7561.
The film Goya, Visions of Flesh and Blood, will be on exhibition at the Galería Nacional de Londres on Tuesday May 16 at

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