Lava On The Rise Causes Sudden Changes In Behavior In The Poas Volcano

The emanations of water from the new fumarole reaches. The liquid reaches temperatures of 90 ° C (194 F). (Photo Gino Gonzalez )
Q COSTA RICA – Pressure from what experts call a “lava bag” – presumed on the rise – brought about sudden changed in the behavior of the Poas Volcano in recent weeks.
The escalation began on April 1, when several tourists recorded a phreatic eruption (composed of gas, steam and particles.
On Sunday (April 9) morning,  seismic activity and gas emanation from at the colossus increased, forcing a temporary closure of the national park.
Although the Poas remained within the ranges already known by the experts, shortly before 2:00pm, an evacuation warning was issued to tourists due to the strong emanation of gases.
In the past

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