Laura Chinchilla: From President to Pole Dancer?

Former president Laura Chinchilla hamming it up at the Provocarte Pole Dance studio in Escazu
Ok, before you get the wrong idea, no, our beloved Doña Laura has not hit financial hard times and having to take a job as pole dancer in a nightclub (strip club).
But, we can understand why, this after the usually dry and restrained former president shared photos on Instagram a few days practicing her “pininos” (first steps) in the art of pole dancing or “baile del tubo” in Spanish.

Noche de pole dance con gente encantadodora. #dance #pole #poledance
A post shared by Laura Chinchilla (@laura_chinchillam) on Mar 23, 2017 at 8:49pm PDT

“Don’t think I’m dedicated to that. I have very dear friend whose daughter is in classes. There is a dance pole

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