Landing Field Improved at Daniel Oduber Airport

By Marisol

By: Tamarindo News Staff

With an investment of ¢1.153.465 million, Daniel Oduber International Airport concluded improvements in its infrastructure, according to the Consejo Técnico de Aviación Civil (CETAC, Civil Aviation Technical Council).

In addition, the international terminal saw the reconstruction of its commercial aviation platform of ramp number three.

The Minister of Public Works and Transports (MOPT), Carlos Segnini, made a tour through the airport in July in order to examine the concluded work. He explained that these improvements benefit mainly the aviation companies that operate at this international terminal, such as Copa, United, Air Canada, Southwest, American and Delta, among others.

The renovation of the landing strip reduces the operational risk caused by the wearing away of the asphalt. As a complement to the work completed on the road surface, the marking of the horizontal line on the runway was carried out. The works realized on the road surface were run by Constructora RAASA, with a cost of ¢651.171.470.

Separately, the CETAC is investing ¢502.294.521 in the reconstruction of the commercial aviation platform of ramp number three. This platform suffered the collapse of its flexible asphalt due to the rotating efforts generated by the weight and operation of the equipment used in the boarding … continue reading

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