Keylor Navas' bad day with Real Madrid: What happened and what people are saying about it

By Michael Krumholtz

In all likelihood, Keylor Navas had a worse Monday than you did. His boss, Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez, made it clear he didn’t want him. But then he failed to get rid of the player, sealing a now-forced relationship that must be about as awkward as living with a spouse after a divorce filing.

Even though Navas made it clear he wanted to stay in Madrid, he was told to pack his bags for Manchester, England. But the roller coaster ride didn’t end there. Real Madrid and Manchester United failed to send in the transfer paperwork before the midnight deadline, meaning Navas will stay put for at least the remainder of the season.

This all came 48 hours after the fans at Santiago Bernabéu chanted Navas’ name on Saturday when the goalkeeper blocked a penalty kick and helped Madrid to a 5-0 win over La Liga foe Real Betis.

Real Madrid’s officials released a statement on Tuesday in an attempt to explain what went wrong with the botched deal. They claim that Manchester United didn’t consider a deal to swap Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea until yesterday, despite the fact that Pérez and Madrid never hid their desire to bring De Gea back home.

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Via:: Tico Times