It Turns Out “Unjustly” Convicted Park Ranger Is Also Being Investigated For Drug Trafficking and Murder

By Rico

Mauricio Steller (left) with his lawyer, Juan Diego Castro, in a television interview Wednesday, about his “unjsut conviction”.

QCOSTARICA – The park ranger (guardaparques in Spanish), Mauricio Steller, convicted this week by the Osa Criminal Court to 12 years in prison for the attempted murder of a poacher, may not be so clean after all.

His lawyer, criminal lawyer Juan Diego Castro, who attempted to rally the injustice of convicting an innocent victim through the social media, had to eat crow yesterday on learning that his client, in a case totally separate from the current, is being investigated for drug trafficking and has precautionary measures against him: Stellar has to sign in regularly with the court and cannot leave the country.

In a television interview Tuesday, Castro said, ““we stand in ‘Jurisis’ of people who we believe are being unfairly judged, there is no doubt in my reading of the record that Mauricio Steller was unjustly condemned for the murder.”

However, yesterday, Castro had a different tone.

“When I interview my clients I always ask them if they any other pending legal problems. When I asked Maurico, he told me no, but when I learn of that he is being investigated in Osa on … continue reading