Is It Still Pura Vida Or Has It Become Pura Paja?

By Rico

(QCOSTARICA) LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Should we be surprised by the study conducted by the A.M. Costa Rica staff, as disclosed in the article on March 7, 2013, showing that prices for food and beverages in Costa Rica are 28% higher than Panamá?

In fact, the study revealed that the difference is even greater for some categories of food or beverages: For example, rice – the price of which is controlled by the government – is 62% higher; chicken thighs are 50% higher; Fresca is 89% higher; Coca Cola is 42% higher; and beer is 92% higher.

These differences may come as a shock to some, but not to those expats who travel and are able to compare. What the study did not tell you, however, is that prices for food and beverages in Costa Rica are higher than in many areas of the United States.

My friends in southern Florida tell me, for example, that many food items cost less … continue reading



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