Internationally renowned Costa Rican film 'Presos' to premiere back home

By Amanda Zuniga

“Presos” (“Inmates”), the third film from Costa Rican director Esteban Ramírez, has won international acclaim, and is now finally set to premiere on its home turf.

Ramírez, known for his films “Caribe” (2004) and “Gestación” (2009), was inspired by his father’s documentary “Los Presos” (1973), about the everyday life of the inmates of the prision once located in what is now the Children’s Museum in San José. The new film depicts the life of modern-day Costa Rican inmates, including positive changes that have taken place since the days of the 1973 film.

Producer Amaya Izquierdo, actors Natalia Arias and Leymar Gómez, and inmates of La Reforma Prison all lent their talents to the film. The score was composed by Bernard Villegas and band Sonámbulo Tropical; filming took place entirely in Costa Rica, with a total budget of $600,000. Locations included Montes de Oca, east of San José, and Section 10 of La Reforma, a large prison outside the capital.

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The film seeks to show that not only those who live behind the bars of a cell feel that they live in chains: It depicts the search for freedom of characters both inside and outside the prison system. It tells the … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times