'I'm so in love with Costa Rica' – a Holocaust survivor's extraordinary story

By Amanda Zuniga

As part of our coverage of the inauguration of the “Parque de la Vida” (“Park of Life”), which honors the 190 Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Costa Rica after World War II, The Tico Times had the opportunity to sit down with Holocaust survivor Magda de Davidovich. This native of Hungary and resident of Montes de Oca, on the east side of San José, is approaching her 95th birthday. She shared her story with us – from the time her family was saved by her sister’s intuition, to their time in the Terezín camp, to their post-war flight out of Hungary and across the Atlantic. Excerpts follow.

My story begins when my father arrived in a little city in Hungary when he was a young man. He was studying law and was just about to finish his degree when World War I started; he had to serve in the war from 1914 to 1918. When the war came to an end and he attempted to go back home, the train wasn’t working, so he asked for a Jewish family who could host him. He was told that there was a widow and her daughter. When he got to the widow’s house it … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times