Ignorance is Not Lack of Knowledge

By Martin LeFevre

self-knowing 1

“Ignorance is not lack of knowledge but of self-knowing.” I read that provocative statement today, and it prompted these questions: What is self-knowing? What is the difference between self-knowing and self-knowledge? Why is it essential to be self-knowing?

The core feeling of the self-knowing person is ‘I don’t know.’ Asking someone whether they are self-knowing is like asking whether they’re a good person. The most anyone can say is ‘I value being a good person, and pursue self-knowing as a means without end to being one.’

Being self-knowing means looking at oneself afresh every day, almost as if one is a stranger you’re meeting for the first time. It is seeing and remaining with what is within oneself as it presents itself in the moment—what one is actually thinking, feeling and doing—without judgment, direction or analysis.

A self-knowing person makes the distinction between what they think and what is. They have the intent to simply see what is, even and especially if it’s something disturbing, like hate, jealousy or fear. The human tendency is to act from what we think is, rather than from seeing and understanding what is. That mistake is encouraged in a culture that constantly beats the drum of positive … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times


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