ICE Worker One Of Two Suspects In Aggression Against The President

A long-time employee of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) and another from the Imprenta Nacional (National Printer), are suspected of committing an attack against president Carlos Alvarado, on his departure from the National Theater on Wednesday.
Riot police held for several minutes the protesters who shouted expletives at the president in the Plaza de la Cultura. Photo: Albert Marín.
Michael Soto, the Minister of Security, identified the ICE worker a 59-year-old with the last name Sanabria, who has worked for the state power and telecom since 1985; the other, identified by his last name Fernadez.
According to Soto, Sanabria was the person to give the president a push and Fernandez who threw at the president something that appeared to be a blunt object. It did not connect.

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