How to Protect Yourself From Evil

By Martin LeFevre

Vester Flanagan

There is something so blatantly, metaphysically, evil in the latest made-for-social-media slaughter in the United States that one wonders how anyone could not see it. The dominant news media, having voyeuristically exploited one horror after another for entertainment value, is doing just that however.

Viewers in Virginia and around the world woke up to a former WBDJ reporter casually walking up and executing two the station’s most popular people, Alison Parker and Adam Ward. They were televising an interview with a Chamber of Commerce leader, Vicki Gardner, about local tourist attractions (Gardner was gravely wounded but survived).

The New York Times buried the story. The article describing the event didn’t even mention the killer’s name, Vester Flanagan. They’ve obviously made an editorial decision that featuring such stories and printing the names of the mass murderers anymore than absolutely necessary just gives them what they want. Easier to wade into the mess in the Middle East (that we’ve helped make) than address something that hits so close to home.

A longtime sports director for the channel, Mike Stevens, captured the essence of what the media is treating as, if not calling an isolated incident:

“All these different places that reporters go that are somewhat dangerous, … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times