How investors and entrepreneurs can find common ground

By Katherine Stanley

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Many argue that there’s enough private investment money available, both local and foreign, to fund good startups in Costa Rica. The number of startups being created seems to be steadily rising, along with the number of events, programs and incubators wanting to help develop them. However, although there’s no hard data on it, the feeling many entrepreneurs have is that somehow that money is not finding its way into early-stage ventures.

Investing or finding investment, depending on which side of the street you happen to find yourself on, is a game where two parties with very different objectives and incentives must come together and try to create value. In Costa Rica, venture capital is still in a very early stage. Although there are lots of potential local investors, not many of them are sophisticated enough or have the risk tolerance necessary to invest in startups, especially early-stage ones. At the same time, those few local investors who do want to finance startups, gathered around investment clubs or accelerators, sometimes have a hard time finding the right match for their expectations. I’ve also come across foreigners … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times