Helping the world, one child at a time

By Marisol

.By Ellen Zoe Golden .Photos courtesy: CEPIA and by Tamarindo Family Photos

Laetitia Deweer is an amazing woman. The Belgian knew at a young age that she would help at-risk kids and families. Eventually, in the Tamarindo area she formed CEPIA, a non-profit organization for the Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescence.

THE Tamarindo News caught the Executive Director between meetings , a trip to San Jose, and preparations to fly to the Aspen Institute in Colorado where she was to meet political, non-profit and business leaders to discuss options for world peace.

THE Tamarindo News (TN): What brought you to Costa Rica?

LAETITIA DEWEER(LD): When I was 18, I traveled to Guatemala City to volunteer to work with street kids. Then in University, I did an internship at Mexican orphanages. I started to really love Central America and knew I would come back. In 1999, my parents and my brother moved from Belgium to Flamingo, where they started a small hotel business. For those two reasons, and the fact that I had already worked in Central America and loved it, I settled here in 2003 when I was 23.

TN: Did you have a plan in mind when you got here?

LD: I … continue reading

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