Hellen Masis Gives Melissa Mora Competition With Her Latest Sensual Photos

Costa Rican model Hellen Masis has turned crazy to her followers on Instagram with spicy photos that show every curve of her body.
In one of the most recent images you can see the statuesque woman lying on a bed, au naturel, and boasting predominantly her pompis (butt).

“La seguridad es, más que nada, una superstición. La vida es una aventura atrevida o no es nada”.
A post shared by Hellen Taylin Masis Guevara (@hellenmasis) on Nov 30, 2017 at 5:26pm PST

The photo was sure to have accelerated the hearts of more than one of her followers.
Hellen, the beauty from San Sebastian (San Jose) is not shy about sharing images of herself in the skimpiest of clothing (just enough to pass the Instagram censors) and becoming, could

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