Helena Moreno Wins Gold For Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – On Monday night, Helena Moreno broke Claudia Poll’s record in the 400 meter freestyle.
She won the gold medal for our country.
The Tica will go on to participate in the Central American Games in Managua 2017.
She was timed at 4 minutes, 18 seconds and 89 hundredths. Claudia Poll held the record since 2006. The podium also included Guatemalan Gabriela Santis, with the silver medal, and Honduran Sara Pastrana, with bronze.
Moreno said that she was very satisfied with the record and even more so with the medal for her country. She gave thanks to her parents, coach, the Olympic Committee and Icoder.
She sees with this medal that sacrifices bear fruit and says it’s all about being determined to achieve our goals.
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