Have a Car Accident in Costa Rica? You No Longer Have to Wait for the Cops

By Hazel Diaz

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Costa Rica News – Have you ever been diving in Costa Rica, and seen two cars parked in the middle of a street waiting around after an accident? This is because you have to wait on the traffic police to show up to take their report.  This might be changing a bit.

Drivers involved in minor accidents will be able to reach an agreement on how to settle the damages or repairs of their cars without the need for a police officer to show up. This new law is thanks to a new presidential order signed on August 11th.

The Deputy Minister of Transportation, Sebastian Urbina, explained that this new law forces all insurance companies to accept this practice among their customers when the accident does not involve wounded passengers.

In the case of an accident, drivers will be able to move the cars, so traffic is not interrupted, call the insurance companies and file a form called “Declaratoria de Accidente Menor,” without waiting for the police.

In case a driver wants to change his statement, he can go to the Juzgado de Transito but anything stated in the original form will be considered as evidence during a potential trial. The Minister of Transportation … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times


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