Haunted Navi – Mumbai, India

Ghosts & The Supernatural – On this day, Deanna Jaxine Stinson, me, Hi-Pee – our Corky and Hannah – our Pekingese were walking off our Thanksgiving dinner (Dinner from the Lovin’ Hut) at the very haunted Sutter’s Landing Park near the American River (200 28th Street – Sacramento).
This park is haunted by the spirit of a man that drowned in the river. The man was found face down floating in the river by a dog. At times some of the homeless river inhabitants have seen the ghostly figure of the drowned man in the river. At Sutter’s Landing Park, two women perished. One woman by drowning and another woman who was killed on the trail. Possibly 2 men assailants who crushed her skull with a rock.

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