Haunted – Malevolent Ghosts, Night Terrors, & Threatening Phantoms

Haunted Book Review – When I heard the announcement that this was Brad Steiger’s last book, I was devastated.  I grew up as a child reading Brad’s books.  When I was a child, I experienced traumatic paranormal episodes while living in a haunted house.  It was Brad’s books that gave me knowledge of the paranormal and helped me get over my fear of the paranormal.  Brad married the lovely Sherry Hansen Steiger.  Sherry was Brad’s rock and has contributed so much to Brad’s writings.  When I introduced my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson to Brad and Sherry’s books, she enthusiastically read the books from cover to cover.  Deanna became inspired by comments on her articles from Brad and Sherry and to this day, my wife still writes

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