Half of the Costa Rica population does not know how to make transfers and payments online

Nearly 60% in Costa Rica say they do not have any banking app installed on their cellular phone, while half say they do not know how to make transfers and payments through their cellular phone or computer.

The data are derived from the study “Level of Banking and Financial Capabilities of Costa Ricans” (“Nivel de Bancarización y Capacidades Financieras de los Costarricenses”) conducted by Unimer for the Costa Rican Banking Association (ABC).
The sample was of 1,000 people, distributed proportionally by sex, age, socioeconomic level and area of residence, according to the last census of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC).
The data contrasts the high penetration of smartphones in the country and the growing number of mobile Internet subscriptions, half the population still making line

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