Guatemalan Authorities Detain Oxfam International Chairman Over Corruption

Guatemalan authorities have detained Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight, the chairman of the Oxfam International charity’s board, over corruption charges during his tenure as the finance minister of the Latin American country, media reported Tuesday.
Former finance minister and current chairman of Oxfam International escorted by armed police. Image: REUTERS
According to the Financial Times, Fuentes was detained along with a group of other former Guatemalan ministers and ex-President Alvaro Colom (2008 – 2012).
The FT added that the detention took place against the backdrop of the investigation into the corruption scandal over purchases of public buses for the needs of the Guatemalan capital.
Juan Alberto Fuentes being frisked by police. Image: REUTERS
Colom was arrested in his home in Guatemala City in connection with an investigation into subsidies to a

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