Guanacaste: Province with the Third Highest Rate of Teenage Pregnancies

By Q24N


QCOSTARICA via, by Roberto Acuña Ávalos – Guanacaste is one of the largest provinces in the country with 10,140 square kilometers (3,915 square miles), but curiously it also has the least inhabitants. However, proportionally, it is the province with the third highest average birth rate for girls under the age of 18.

To reach this conclusion, The Voice of Guanacaste comparednational data of women 10-17 years old with the number of births by mothers who are minor sin order to get a proportional calculation. The data used included the decade from 2004 to 2014.

According to The Voice’s research, in 2014, Guanacaste had a population of 24,402 adolescent girls. That same year, the rate of adolescent pregnancies in Guanacaste was 22, which means that out of 1000 girls between the ages of 10 and 17 in Guanacaste, 22 of them gave birth.

The average rate for the past decade behaves with a similar indicator, with 23 pregnant per 1,000 girls … continue reading



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