“Green” Costa Rica 100% Clean Energy for 94 Straight Days (Video)

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green costa rica

Costa Rica News – In 2007, Costa Rica pledged to go 100% carbon neutral by 2021.

Eight years later a handful of other countries have joined this pledge, but none with the ambitious timeline that Costa Rica—a country rich in hydroelectric and geothermal power sources—aims to meet. If it reaches this target, it will likely be the first country in the world to officially achieve carbon neutrality. So far 2015 has been a promising year in this pursuit.

Earlier this spring the rainforested Central American country set a record by going 75 days straight without using any fossil fuels to generate electricity. In mid-August it broke this record by nearly 20 days, going 94 consecutive days using only renewable energy sources. According to the state-owned Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), between May 8th and August 9th Costa Rica got its electricity from a variety of renewable sources: 78% hydropower, 12% geothermal, 10% wind, and a fraction of a percent solar.

On Monday, August 10th, the streak ended when fossil fuels were needed to meet one percent of the power demand. So far in 2015, clean energy has accounted for nearly 93% of Costa Rica’s electricity generation, according to ICE.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times